Clear’s voice actor posted this on his twitter.
In other news Clear’s voice actor is an angel and should be protected at all costs.

ah yes

ah yes

Screen shot your art folder?

which one

theres more within those folders too

  • 1) Screenshot your desktop
  • 2) Screenshot your follower count
  • 3) Screenshot your blog
  • 4) Screenshot your post count
  • 5) Screenshot your liked count
  • 6) Screenshot your followers
  • 7) Screenshot your dash
  • 8) Screenshot your favorite blog
  • 9) Screenshot your message count
  • 10) Screenshot your saved url's
  • 11) Screenshot [insert whatever]

gotta work on a kiriban prize im almost done with and then i’ll update the fuck out of my blogs

sometimes i regret having so many but at the same time i love my babies so m u ch


when u think yr drawing looks great but then u flip the canvas



Happy brothers after being rescued from a circus [video]


ok on second thought im about to say fuck this b/c i wasnt here yesterday and theres a sub today and i have no idea what im doing in actuality

i just taught myself how to calculate percentiles.  im a good student

having to teach myself statistics b/c no one will help smh